Educational Services

Education / Skills / Teaching / Spreading Awareness of Islam  

Education is the only solution for humanity to prosper. With an aim to help every child to get an education, Al-Rahimya Foundation Pakistan has taken lead among all its competitors by providing education through free schooling and rehabilitation support to the poor and needy children. Al-Rahimya Foundation is helpful undertakings encircle all matters and issues related to education in Pakistan. Without any discrimination, we provide equal opportunities to all talented and deserving students across the country. Male and female students are equal in the ratio in the beneficiaries list of our education programs as we are pursuing the goal of a 100 percent literacy rate in Pakistan.

A Curriculum Suited For Student Success

Al-Rahimya Foundation promotes an interactive, child centered teaching approach with emphasis on hands-on activities that help children learn, question and enjoy the learning process.

Al-Rahimya Foundation team has referenced local and international educational guidelines to design the most appropriate curriculum, integrating best practices from across the world. Our curriculum is a rich blend of concepts identified in the National Curriculum and themes emphasized in other international curricula as well.

Building Characters At School

Al-Rahimya Foundation Special emphasis is placed on the personal, moral, and social development of our students. Activities at schools are therefore aimed at inspiring children to become responsible and well-rounded individuals.

A co-curricular programme centered around art, debating, sports and a wide range of similar activities provide students with a platform to showcase and celebrate their creative expression and talents.

Assuring The Quality Of Education

Al-Rahimya Foundation oversees the quality of its Education Programme through a dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) team. The objective is to ensure that an acceptable education standard is maintained in all the Al-Rahimya Foundation School units across the country. Visits are conducted throughout the year to monitor each school’s educational activities, formal classroom observations are carried out and insights are collected from Principals, teachers and students to come up with a focused and dedicated school improvement plan.