Al-Rahimya Foundation

Al-Rahimya Foundation is a not-for-profit organization working towards providing better educational Services, Health Care, Entrepreneurship Development, poverty alleviation and Social Research & Development in Pakistan. The management matrix of Al-Rahimya Foundation is working under the able guidance of The Co-Founder & Global Chairman, Mian Imran Riaz Al-Rahimya Foundation is striving to contribute positively in the development of the country.

 Health, Education, Entrepreneurship, Employment Opportunities for the poor and needy


An organization committed to serve people with dignity and honor

Ensuring high quality services

Al-Rahimya Foundation is promoting and providing services for the uplift of poor and needy.

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Al-Rahimya Foundation

Al-Rahimya Foundation is a social initiative that aims to extend support to people who are in need of resources, It is a humanitarian effort. Building confidence to participate in local decision-making and working towards fulfilling personal dreams.